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Phase 10

Jadore ce jeu il est formidable

Old version was much better!

Deleted an app I thought would always be on my Phone. Hate the new design! Bring back the old version!

Terrible Version

I love this game. However after the upgrade I have removed it from my apps as it is really terrible. Please restore the old version.

Yuck. Time to delete

This is awful. Same pet/human/robot set up as when you ruined skip bo. Chuck this and bring back the good game it was before the update

Game Ruined by update

I used to love this game. Now it looks like something for a 3 year old. Its sooo slow. Animations are useless. It used to be a game I played all the time. Now Ill probably delete it. Just terrible.

Latest Update

I love this game, but the latest update ruined it for me... I have since deleted it.

Boo to the latest update!

I absolutely hate this new layout! I was annoyed with the choice of opponents in Skip Bo and now have to put up with them in this game too? Why? What was wrong with previous opponents? I cant even change the speed of the card play, and its brutally slow. I vote change it back. Please.


Hate the new update. You should have left it alone. Dont waste your money.

HATE update

Cant stand this update. Too slow to play with 4 opponents. Only available in landscape view. Dont like the screen when choosing which phase to play (masters edition). And what the hell is up with the cartoon animals? Im not 5. I use to play this game every night. I couldnt get thru one game. SUCKS.

What were you thinking Mattel?

Horrible update. What a childish format. The old version was much better. And where is phase ten masters edition that I had paid for?? I wish I could give it 0 stars. Ill be freeing up some space on my phone!!!


I do not like the latest update. I want the old phase 10 back. With the Masters edition it is hard to see the cards that you have in order to choose the phase that you want to complete and instead of seeing the phases listed you have to click on each number in order to see the phase if you cant remember them. I liked being able to pick the avatars that I was playing against. Just an all-around bad update. This used to be one of my favorite games to play.

Fix this terrible downgrade!!

Used to love this app till the update. Too slow! Have to accept to play phase! Fix it fast or forget about it!

You ruined a good thing

The update is the most annoying update to a game ever. Used to love this game, but now the new update is so bad that I would rather delete it than suffer the frustration of trying to play it. Developers closed the forum for feedback right after the update showing they have no regard for the app users.

Lost my masters version!!!!!

After this update Ive lost my masters edition plus the game is way too slow and animations are childish!! Need faster card play and more opponent options!


This is so horrible! Its like playing a five year olds game! I cant stand it! You deleted all my setting and customized games and I am completely confused! I would like the old version back! When did you ask if I wanted to be updated to this god awful version?

Hate the update

I loved this game prior to the update. I could play it for a good hour before but now I cant even stand it for a full game. If the old version isnt brought back, Ill be deleting this game.

Return to the Original Game Version!

I used to LOVE this game, but No more. The update ruined it. Its too slow, the cards are too small and the characters are childish. Its impossible to play. Id like my money back.

Phase 10

NOW --- again --- I HATE this version !! Bring the old back ! I even paid for the masters, which I dont mind BUT now I cant play .i really hate this crappy juvenile stupid game . Ohhh, my favourite game gone to hell !Come on --im not the only one who hates this new version !! Are you going to do anything about this huge mistake ????????

Bad company

Paid for an app that has been ruined by a horrendous update. I as have many others let the company know of the error and the result; they ignore every single complaint and leave the game in ruin. Dont purchase anything from this company! Advertisers... Beware, dont deal with this company.

Hate it

Everybody hates this new version of phase 10 so arent you going to listen and bring back the old version? Otherwise whats the point of writing reviews if you arent going to listen?

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