Phase 10 Pro 앱 리뷰

Great game as long as you play solo


Love the game BUT!!!!

Add more opportunities to win and add coins. Every round you win should add more coins. Every game you win should add coins... MORE COINS MORE COINS!!!! We’ve already purchased the game at least let us win coins!!!

Great game

This is a great game

Fun game but too expensive!

I didn’t mind paying $2.99 to get rid of the ads, but then having to use coins to not only start new levels, but also each phase within the level is just too much. I wind up watching the ads anyway because I don’t want to pay for more coins.


Great game that keeps asking me to review it. Apparently it has low self esteem. Praise it and it leaves you alone.

Great Game!

Love playing this game!!!

It’s alright

It freezes a lot when playing with a friend...when you get your phase it’ll take you back to the same phase and make you play it over

Fun to play

You can play the traditional game, or one of the other versions. I really like the different options — keeps it fresh and interesting. Not such a fan of the games that cost coins to play, but you can easily stick with the free versions.


Love this game!

Cool game.....but....

So this is a pretty cool game. I like that I can play off line. It has some glitches. A few times it froze. And once it was being really silly, the other avatars wouldn’t win, a whole round it took me to do a hard faze and they all should have clearly gone out on me, but instead it just kept going around to me as they would play but they never laid their cards down. It was like 20 mins until I finally got my faze and then had to play for so long to use up the cards in my hand because they never played theirs. Other than that it is cool. They should make more characters.

Sick of ads!

I bought the game so I would not be interrupted by the nonsense ads!! Why am I still being interrupted by freaking ads!!!!!


Gameplay I would give 5 stars but unfortunately it’s a waste of money. Had free version then paid for the paid version to get rid of ads and do multiplayer. Then I played solo for a few levels and they want you to use coins to continue for each hand. I shouldn’t have to pay 1.99 in coins to play one game. Also shouldn’t have to watch an ad between every hand, ex specially when the ads do not work properly. Stupid to pay for a full version app and still have to pay to play.

No coins please!! And cheating!

I love Phase 10, whether playing with regular cards or on this app... however, with the update it wastes so much time; you finish a phase, the next phase starts and they give you the option to use a coin you have built up while playing to add a wild card or skips to your hand, no thanks! I’d like to play the normal way. Ok so you press “play” to begin the phase. They deal the hand and another thing pops up asking you if you want to use a coin to get a new set of cards! And you CAN’T CLOSE IT until it’s timer runs out!!! Why?! It’s such a waste of time and that’s not even how you play regular Phase 10! Take out the coin options!! Also, now this might be paranoia talking, but numerous times I have watched the robots “cheat”. For example, I have my game set to 2 robots, medium level. I will discard a card, the next robot will pick up my discarded card and immediately discard that same card where the 2nd robot PICKS IT UP AND PUTS DOWN THEIR PHASE! I’ve seen this happen a lot but it just happened again a few minutes ago so I thought I would see if anyone else has noticed that. I dropped a yellow 1, it was picked up, discarded and picked up again by another robot who was able to lay down their phase. Creepy. Anyways, I love this game, other than those 2 things I haven’t had any issues... but it would be great to at least get rid of the coin options.

Phase 10

I’d really love this game if you didn’t have to use coins to open most of the levels. Charge me for the game rather than nitpicking to get you to purchase coins.

Love it!

It’s and addiction and I absolutely love it! Best game in the App Store!

Good app but has big flaws

It is unclear how to keep connections when you play with friends. The “send invite for a game” via text message is annoying and only works half the time. Also, it’s unclear how to earn out free play on the extra game styles. Like, for a while it’s a coin per round. Then it’s free. What brought on the change? Also, being forced to wait at the beginning of each hand while the game tries to get you to swap out your cards... very annoying. Last, it isn’t easy to see your own score each round.


Multiplayer game glitches and freezes so you can’t finish the game. Now I remember why I deleted this game years ago... such a shame delete...

Worse Game update

Again and again thus game continues to get worse. They keep saying they are going to fix it but here we are two or three YEARS later and it still doesn't work. Now we have lost the bonus part where you can change the dealt hand with another. Game cant get much worde.

Great fun

Only complaint is a bug in the program that the rotation for first play after the deal is never the human player except for the very first deal.

No sense

It makes no sense for a player to have the lowest score and still be skipped solely because he is the only human player. Also, why make it a chore to use the wild cards you have saved? As a workaround, save a skip card, it will save to the far right, then the saved wild cards are accessible. Definitely some programming errors.

I want to love this game, but...

The gameplay itself is fun. Every once in a while, I will encounter a glitch during multiplayer that won’t allow a game to finish. Also, there needs to be more ways to earn coins and more levels. The multiplayer is frustrating because the games don’t timeout. Please add a feature to timeout abandoned games or at least show the date of the last move so we can delete them ourselves. I’ve beaten all the levels so there’s not much incentive to continue playing. Please update.


Love the game hate the fact that skips don’t make sense! They often skip those in last place ugh!


Got tired of the game asking me to review so here it is.

Lock ups

Games keep locking up saying its my turn but won’t let me play. Also sometimes it tales me back to a game to play and i pnly have 7 cards but nothing os played on the board

Worst Version

The game is completely AI favored. The computer players would phase within the first couple of plays while you’d be stuck drawing the same card 5 times in a row. And every card you lay down, the next player picks up. Also, you hardly ever get wild or skip cards while each computer ALWAYS gets at least 2 in each hand. It seems to me this is far from how the actual game goes.

Fun, but don’t like the coins

This game is fun and I love the different phases, but I don’t like that you have to pay coins for each new game even if you do win.

Love this game

Super fun for hours, love the new variations on it as well. Super fun and addictive!!!

Great time eating mindless fun!

Great way to kill time when there is time to wait, but not enough time to finish a project!

Paid and still have to watch ads.

If you purchase the game, why do you still have to watch ads in order to play? If it is a free version than I understand having ads, but why would I buy the app and have to watch ads.

Just like the card game

Love it with new phases added!

Love this game

Loved this game when I played with cards as a kid, love it even more no that I don’t have it shuffle. I play it every day.

Inviting others with the pro app

It’s not very easy to add friends who also have the pro version of phase 10

Fun but..

Fun but needs a lot to be fixed. Multiplayer never works, and it’s ridiculous how you have to watch ads to get coins to play games when this is the pro version.


iPad Pro...I really used to love this game...but I am truly frustrated. Every update lately creates mor issues. The game invites won’t open...or your playing and get to level 10 and the game hangs and won’t allow the player to finish the turn. Please do are about to lose a fan of the game

Skip bo

Fun n challenge


I really have enjoyed playing Phase 10 as well as the other Magmic games! However, due to a family emergency, I wasn’t able to play for about a month or so. I recently just signed on to play, and I was SHOCKED to see that I only have 3 coins!! I PURCHASED coins, and the last I checked, I had well over 60 of them?! Where’d they go?! I’m never buying more if this is what happens! And I have no way of contacting them to inquire about it!🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m really disappointed because I really enjoyed the challenge of this game....😔


I love this game. Very addictive


I enjoy this game very much. I just wish my score would show for a longer period of time.


Had a lot of trouble getting the game to run. Sent me to Settings when I logged in. Then only 2 players in a multiplayer game? Really? Not worth the trouble


I love this game so much that I bought the cards and Challenged my family . Of course they all declined me sadly , but I still to play on my phone :)

Phase 10

Works great, lots of fun!

Awesome game

Very entertaining game to play anytime of day. Glad I found this game.

Liked it better before the latest update (July 2018)

It was fun to see the tracking of when 3 or 5 games in a row were accomplished. I play solo games. Not interested in playing on Facebook.

Love it!

Love all the different phases!

I agree

I enjoy this game but I feel like it cheats sometimes. I have a difficult time understanding how you open up the other phases. The structure is unclear. Make it user friendly!

So Much More

This app has many different types of variations of the traditional Phase Ten. You will not get bored playing. Great for all ages. This app lets you chose the difficulty level you play and you can choose characters you play against. You have the options to play online against friends. This game is addicting. It is So Much More than traditional apps.

Excellent Game

I really enjoy playing this game. It’s fun but also it’s great for the mind!

Skipping issues among others

I like this game a lot, but I can’t understand why the “other” players use the Skip cards to skip the player that is furthest behind instead of the player who is leading. It doesn’t make sense to me.


Very fun game. Freezes often

Fixed and then Broken again

The finally fixed all the stuff I hated about the game and now they’ve done more updates and made it worse again. I like the new levels and new phases but costing a coin per HAND is rediculous!!!! And randomly it loses all my progress unlocking the other levels!!! Waaaayyy frustrating!

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