Phase 10 Pro 앱 리뷰

They have ruined a fun game.

What used to be enjoyable is now riddled with ads and interruptions even though I purchased the game. Now I need to pay again to get the ads out. And if that’s not bad enough, now the game stops every round to add if you want to use a star to buy a different hand of cards. Once your stars run out you have to buy more.

Great replica of physical card game

Excellent reproduction of actual card game. Enjoyable and helps players improve

Phase 10

Keeps shutting down in mid hand. Blank black screen 10 seconds later it reloads. Does this about every 39 seconds.

Game gets slower everytime you update

The last time I updated this game it became a game of closing the pop up windows. Please fix. Not fun anymore

Too stacked against you

Amazing how often the computer gets exactly what they need within the first few draws.

Game levels don’t unlock past cocoa canyon

To unlock levels past canyon you have to spend 10 coins. But art first sight you’re led to believe it is only one coin. Very deceiving

could be better

why only 2 player? the game lingers FOREVER with just two people.

They ruined a great game

I paid for this game so I wouldn't have to watch ads. After a while, you either are forced to buy coins or watch a 30 second ad with every round. I refuse to buy coins, so I am not going to play this game anymore. Too bad because it was fun.

Phase 10

GREAT GAME!!!!! I love it.

Not as fun as it used to be

Really really hate this version. This used to be fun to play now mostly annoying. Bring back original version of this and skip this cheap version of the game. So review for Skip-bo


Because I had to pay to play the pro version of this game I figured we’d have an upgrade by now to play with more than one person.

Stop all the pop ups

Enough already. I paid you money, now leave me alone.


I’m not able to purchase or restore Phase 10 Masters. I can’t even purchase coins. I don’t like this app at all. I really liked playing on my Android with no problems now that I moved over to iOS it sucks😡

Becoming lame

I was on a higher level and then one day I open the app up to play and I was back to level one! Then the leaderboard is dumb I don’t like it and it never updates anyone’s score and it put my score up but when I got a better score it never changed. Then I hate the fact now when you level up you don’t get coins or power ups what happen to all that?!?!? Then why do we have to use coins on the Coco island paradise island and the other one they used to be all free !!!!! I used to really enjoy playing this game but now it’s becoming ridiculous and lame not worth buying the app when everything isn’t worth it

Was a great game

I don’t know what is going on at your company, but you are losing more fans because someone has ruin this game. I have been playing Phase 10 for a very long time, was one of my favorite games. Then all of a sudden, the screen goes black, then completely shuts down. I had to restart it several times just to finish my game. Now I cannot even open Phase 10. Are the bugs going to be fixed anytime soon, or do we just delete it completely all together.

Moonlight drive in

Where is the moonlight drive in so l can complete it and open the other games??😕

Great game

I love this game, I play it all the time ( I have a favorite ) and I’m very good at it, ha ha, but don’t take my word for it get this game, I’m telling you, you’ll play all day.

New games

I would like you to allow more games to be played without using a coin each round. Tired of playing the same games!!

Fun game, awful UX - DON’T UPGRADE

First, this is a great game. However, the user experience is down right awful. You can’t see when a play has been made in another game unless you exit all the way out to the “Lobby”. You can’t leave a Solo Game to see if one of your MultiPlayer games has been played. You also can’t play Multi Player with more than 1 other person? I paid to have that ability to play with 3 friends, and it can’t be done. Don’t pay to upgrade you’ll be disappointed. Also, the ads, don’t go away when you pay! Every hand in the solo game takes a coin. So for every coin, you need to watch an ad, which often doesn’t have the ability to play one after the other, you need to wait for and “ad to be available”. Seriously, developers get a clue and fix it!

Fun game

Love to play!

Too stingy with coins!

It’s hard to win the coins, and it tries to entice you to buy coins to play levels that you can’t open unless you have coins. Then it takes the coins very quickly when it takes you FOREVER to earn them. Why can’t there be any games that aren’t all about trying to force you to make in app purchases? Plus, it’s buggy, and difficult to win...I refuse to give them my hard earned money.


I have had no problems, I enjoy game

Keeps disappointing with every update.

I can’t believe this game... with every update it gets worse! No portrait mode to play while the screenshots suggest as so. And now I need to pay with coins for every turn I want to take. A total mess. I demand a refund.


I love phase 10 but it's costly to continue playing in other challenges.

I love the game, but.....

It’s a good game but your constant reminders asking me to rate it are annoying. Also, last week I purchased 140 coins but they have not been added, even though you have charged me. What gives?

Difficult to say the least

My daughter and I play and enjoy it. Except when you have to return to the lobby to get the game to reset. And then when you return to your game you have a completely different hand. And then when it makes you play with 9 cards instead of 10. Sometimes it won’t let us play a game at all. It just stops, then have to start another game. It’s a PITA but we still try to make it work.


The game only supports 2 player options. It would be nice to be able to support up to 6 like the actual card game. For this I am giving 2 stars and will be pushing to receive a return on my purchase.


Good game


It’s ok, not happy that I paid for the app but it is what it is. The computer cheats which makes this less about probability. Plus, I have to play a ton of games to get extra coins.

More problems

I love the game of phase 10. However, this app freezes on me. I haven't been able to play for several months. Now I get to play but I can either play as Guest or sign in with Facebook but that's my daughters account. When I try to put my Facebook in it knocks me out completely again. My daughter has deleted this game as she completed the different choices yet now she has to pay coins to games she's already beat. Get with the program people


Paid for game. Beat levels. Every time there’s an update....I lose my progress. This is some bull.....



Phase 10

Great game! Read other reviews, but I have had not any problems at all. I have been playing for a very long time!

Don’t waste your money!

This game doesn’t choose your cards at random as it should...chooses cards according to your hand.

Good but could use a few changes

It is a good pass time, but it could be better. The avatar pictures and names take up too much space and are unnecessary. They crowd the screen. I would prefer to see all of the cards not just the top 3/4 them. I often accidentally pull up my phones menu instead of moving the cards. I feel that making the avatars and names smaller, and using the extra space to enhance the bottom half of the screen would make the game much more user friendly. After the most recent update I have been seeing ads pop up. For a paid game it’s already a little aggravating to have to earn coins to play new sets, but I get it. You have to make money somewhere, but seeing ads on a game that I paid for makes me not want to play as much.

Great Game but too many commercials

I love this game but didn't realize that I would have to watch commercials to advance to the next level. When I upgraded to Pro, I was under the impression that the ads would go away. They did not. Very disappointed.

I think it’s a great game. Calvin

Phase 10, is very good.

Love the game...HATE the app

I really enjoy playing this game. I just have a few qualms about it. 1. I have had to restart this game ALLL THE WAY BACK TO LEVEL 1 TWICE. I have no ideas why the app keeps resetting my progress, with no explanation or no warning. Just one day you open your app and you are back at level 1, it’s annoying and unfair as hell. Especially when I get to qualm number 2. Why do we have to spend coins on some levels. Spending coins to play the level is fine. BUT EVERY SINGLE PHASE ON A LEVEL WE HAVE TO SPEND OUR COINS. ITS PRETTY RIDICULOUS! And then you reset my progress to level 1, which means I have to spend the coins on those levels over and over again. You guys better fix this ASAP or I foresee you losing a lot of fans very quickly.

fun and all, but

This game is fun to play with friends, but it has a horrible multiplayer format and requires you to pay to go to other levels. Not worth the pay, just get the free version.

No more ads

I’m having trouble understanding why I had to buy this app yet I still have to sit through ads in order to play this game. Isn’t that why people pay for apps, so they can avoid ads that come in the free version? It doesn’t make sense to require coins every single hand you play after the 4th level. Very stupid.

Love it

Love it

Love it

It plays beautifully. I've always loved this game. It keeps you on your toes. It's fun and I think you'll love it too!

Great time killer

I enjoy this game. I haven’t had any problems ever with the app.

All levels s/b free

I love Phase10. I was excited to see the different phases in the other levels but the only way to play them is to buy coins. Each round costs 1 coin. Even if you win every round that’s still 10 coins to play. The characters are kind of lame with one or two phrases each so I’m not sure what the point is.

Too fun!

Love this game! Love the different phases they have added. It stays fun and challenging.

Cheating pit of endless ads

So I thought by upgrading I could avoid the ads, but now you have watch videos to get coins so you can continue to play. I just want to play. Plus I am convinced the computer cheats! It’s your only choice so good luck

Phase 10

Love the new Phase 10 Masters Edition. Definite buy for endless card game fun.


The whole app is broken after the last update. Can’t even play the masters game that I paid $2 extra for anymore.

Phase 10

Fun and easy! Love it! However, cut down on the ads. And, don’t ask me again for a review.

Fix multiplayer!

For crying out loud, how many years is it going to take? I try every time you release an update, still nothing.

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