Phase 10 Pro 앱 리뷰

Pretty fun game

I like it.

Drop the ads!

I don’t need an ad for upsells at the beginning and end of every game I bought the ‘pro’ version so I don’t have to see ads.


I love this game

Love the game but ...

Love the card game so to stunt my addiction I play ok mobile until the crew gets together. Only issue with this game as someone mentioned is the COINS!!!! I just spent $3 for this game. Why are requiring me to gain coins to access the other maps either by waiting or by paying????? I’m super addicted and the other thing that’s killing it for me is the fact that you can only invite 1 friend to play against????? How is it that I am play against 3 computers but only 1 of my friends? All in all the other game modes are fun, a bit ridiculous even on easy mode but fun nonetheless.

It’s okay

I love it until you have to pay to continue

Fun to play with others or solo

Love that they gave an app for this game as I can play with my sister or just by myself.

No fair

Sometimes it doesn’t let you save the cards you want to. This game needs more diversity in characters. More brown and non white characters!!!!!

Fun BUT,,,,

Phase10 is a fun game but the computer characters go out waaay to quick or play so bad that you can’t play your hands... there is no middle ground

Do not purchase unless the developer makes serious changes.

I purchased the Pro, but they still try to get you to pay for coins to progress through the various themes. The AI for the robot players cheat, do not purchase pro, the free version is the same thing just no ads. Amazing what greed does, this company already has tons of money and still tries to squeeze money even after you purchase the pro version.

Used to like this game

I used to like this game I don’t like the coins I don’t like the if you want to change cards give a coin I don’t like that I bought this game and ads still come up just go back to the normal phase10 game I don’t like that you have to hit accept to place your cards

Good, but...

Game is fun, but it doesn’t always give you credit for passing a phase. Also, the free version has too many ads. I paid for the app because no one has time for that many ads.


I enjoy playing but Phase 10 but it still has some issues. Sometimes I am skipped a turn. Each round a new person starts but on several occasions I mean several I have been skipped. When you beat each level it would help if they became free like the first three levels. Once you beat and complete each level most people are going to stop playing because they are not going to buy more coins and will lose interest. More levels need to be added as well as it is easy to beat and once you complete each level what’s the point of coming back? All in all it’s a fun game just needs more levels and stop skipping turns!!

Coins for every game

I understand paying a coin for a game but for every phase you play is just so wrong.


Fun game - I would give this 5 stars if you were able to invite more than one person and have 3-4 friends play the same game.

Ads are ruining it

This is one of my favorite card games but the experience is ruined by the ads. Every time I make a move, I am watching a 30 second ad to the point where I feel I’m spending more time watching ads than playing the game. I finally bought the no-ads, which was obviously the intention of the developers. I think it’s ridiculous.

No bueno

I really love the game of phase ten and ever since I found out that there was an app version of it, I was soo excited I went ahead and got the paid version because that is how passionate I am about playing phase ten but ever since I got the app and paid for it, it’s been junk! Freezes all the time, sometimes in the beginning and others mid game. I hadn’t played it for a few months hoping the glitches had been fixed but as I’m trying to play tonight I realize that it is still junk and super glitchy! Really makes me sad big disappointment.

Great Game

Your typical phase 10 with some fun alternative versions. 4 stars because software occasionally glitchy (I have an iPhone 10 with maximum storage) plus the timer you have to wait on if you want to change your hand of cards for a coin at the beginning of each round should simply be made into a yes/no option. Keep up the good work!

Can’t play more friends

Love this game! Only thing wish I could play more than one of my friends. Especially if I’m paying for the app come on make it to play more friends. PLEASE!!!! Would give 5 stars if I could play more of my friends.


Nice game. Been freezing up lately.

Multiplayer Broken

Wooow. Coin microtransactions? Really? I bought the pro version to avoid corporate greed, and actually enjoy the game. You just couldn’t help yourselves, could you? Unbelievable. I know not to trust this company ever again. Disgusting.

I love phase 10

I think the opportunity to change needs to go... I love straight forward playing

Fun Game

This game is fun but when playing someone else game like to freeze, play phase again after already gotten that phase.

Extreme ads

I was under the impression that buying the game would remove ads. I was wrong, the ads are worse and there’s a button on the home page that says remove but it leads you to Facebook and back around to the home page. Also, when playing the game when ads pop up at times the cpu ends up winning but never had their phase. This needs to get fixed ASAP. Paying for the game shouldn’t just come with extra robots to play against that’s a waste of time. On another note their multiplayer mode doesn’t ever link me and someone together when sending invites.

Phase 10

Really did enjoy this game. Since latest update, when you watch a video for a coin it only gives it to you 2 out of 5 times. So frustrating. Please fix problem!!!

No coins

I don’t mind paying 2.99 for a game that works. Fix the issues There are never adds to gets coins it’s always tells me no adds it doesn’t give me the free ones when it says it’s going to and you don’t even get any when you win sometimes

Not what it was!

I’ve had this app on my phone off and on for years, but this is the worst version yet! The opponents hands are barely visible; there is no option to stop it from asking you if you want help in the future. Why were coins even added? I just want a quiet game of Phase 10.

I just want to play

I just want to play the good ol game. I don’t need coins, new phases or any of that.

Still waiting...

If you insist on staying with the new format, at least give us the option of using the old format we all loved! Glitchy and hard to control where you place cards. Loose games because of the difficulty in placing cards where you want them. Since you still won’t LISTEN, deleting game. Waste of time. Instead of fun and relaxing like it used to be, it’s frustrating and infuriating!

It would be a great game if...

It would be a great game if you would fix the issue of cards going “missing”, or games getting stuck after finishing a round. This problem has been going on since the app came out.

Phase 10

Love this game just hate when playing with some one they take all day to play u can’t leave them a message or nudge them to play

System glitches galore

Constantly resetting and taking away cards in the middle of my hand. I have deleted and re-downloaded. Lost all my coins and progress but the issue persists. Going to contact support see if they can help, otherwise delete for good.


Gives this option to remove ads and the ads are even more ferocious.

Love Phase 10

I play everyday. It relaxes me and gives me small frustrations, like when I’m just a card away from making my phase. I never use the coins, but I wish there were more than three games free.

Enjoy the game, broken ads

While I like the game, your ads system is broken. There’s some that say “unlock ad here” and force you to press buttons to play the ads, and those are an absolute mess. They either replay multiple times and take like four minutes to actually finish, don’t give you a coin even after you watch, or make it impossible to play ads until you restart the app. Sometimes they do all three. If I’m going to watch these ads, I want them to work right and give me the coins.

Fun game ruined by “improvements”

I used to love this game and played all the time but ever since they added the “improvements” a couple of years ago with the coins and the power ups and all the other extra garbage that just wastes time, I don’t enjoy it or play it nearly as much. I want an option to play straightforward game with none of the extras. Until they give that back to us I can’t give this game a higher rating

Fun game

This is a great game. Little annoying in spending coins like another viewer has stated.


Unable to play multiplayer. Will there be an update to fix the issue?

Great game except for the coin baloney

Just get rid of the coin aggravation and I’ll give Phase 10 five stars. ;-0

It cheats!

I like playing the game but it cheats to much!

Robots cheat, game steals coins.

I did like this game but I don’t like the coins and having to pay coins to play different phase sets. Also the robots cheat by discarding my discarded cards so another robot can pick up for their phase. I have only see the robots do this. Also the games is stealing my coins! I just had 4 coins and only got to play twice.... I should have gotten to play 4 times.. I payed money for this game and coins and I’m not happy I’ve been cheated out of money. I have this game in cards and only pay here because I never have people that want to play with me. But if this game keeps cheating me I will find a way to

I’m over the coins

I love this game sooo much! But I think it’s really ridiculous that when you get to a certain game, you have to pay a coin to play. I feel like you should only have to pay once then each time you play after it’s free. The coins is getting out of hand! Please take that off!

Don’t waste your money

I love phase 10, and this would be the perfect game if I didn’t have to have stupid coins to play! I bought the app, I shouldn’t be forced to have to watch ads to get coins or to pay for more coins just to play. Don’t waste your money, just play the free version and watch those ads- you have to either way!


When you want to watch endless videos for free credits, you get stopped at 1, or as soon as you get to the point of watching it, it disappears over and over and over. Very disappointed that I paid for this game and the bundle!

Playing against computer is not logical

I play this game with real cards all the time. I’m a logical player. This computer app version has no logic to it. You can be last in phases and highest in points and the computer player will still skip you every time. They never skip any other computer player. The LOGICAL thing would be to skip the highest player in phases. It gets aggravating to the point where I hate playing this game. Code needs to be totally rewritten.


Why do you have to go and change what ever works? I like playing this game but coins, why do you need them? If I have to use them I will not play. Delete is a good thing some times. So the difference in the levels are ok, but not necessary. I like the game just not the coins, I don’t use them.. and if it comes to time when I have to. Bye bye

Several Issues

The Game cheats!!!! You can be playing against a friend in Multiplayer and all of the sudden you realize somehow you are now a phase behind even though you already completed the phase. It puts wild cards anywhere even when you have tried to place them correctly. It discards Wild cards even when you have chosen another card. I’m really upset because i have paid for this game and only to experience disadvantages. Please fix these issues.


I really like the game Phase 10, but the iOS version is annoying. I don't like having ads for a bunch of other games thrown in my face every time I play. I paid for this game, I want to play this game. Why not leave it as it was with a button that says there are other games available. Now it's very easy, because of the smaller tile, to choose a game you don't have band then be directed to the App Store-very annoying. Due to this, I won't be purchasing those other games! Due to this I give it a low rating. For an app I paid for this is ridiculous. And a few years later - it’s even worse! Will not be giving this company any more of my money.

Don’t bother

The App is mediocre at best. I wouldn’t have bothered rating it, except it constantly asks for a review so here you go. Don’t waste your money,


Love this game, only one on my phone!

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